Using The Perfect Bait For The Perfect Catch

Fishing is a great pastime that anyone can enjoy.  With a simple rod and reel, a few worms and a body of water with hungry fish is all you need.  As children learning to fish is a memory that most boys share with their fathers.  Sitting on the deck, swinging your feet and just talking are times best remembered.

Fishing over the years has become a really competitive operation.  For those looking to catch fish like the big fishermen really need to look into the bait that they use.  Many will use floating worms to attract the fish which seems to be a very effective method.

Time of day

The time of day to catch fish will vary from body of water to body of water.  Just like humans fish will eat at different times of the day.  Learning the eating habits of your particular body of water or even the area of water you like to fish will be a great benefit to you.

floating worms

Water temperature

Different water temperatures will affect how fish eat as well.  If the water is too cold or too warm the fish will not feel like eating.  Doing research on the specific life cycles of the fish you are looking to catch will help you with a competitive edge. 

Try different things

Many fishermen over time will swear by a specific bait or way to catch fish.  When talking with them don’t treat their words as gospel and don’t dismiss them either.  In order to become a good fisherman, you want to constantly be trying different things.  For those who stick with the same tools all the time will never more forward and will be limiting their effectiveness over time.  Just remember, fish will get board eating the same things over and over just like humans do.  So switch it up and see what happens.